Cupid's Pulse Article: Wait To Marry Until You Are At Least Old Enough To Legally Drink!Cupid's Pulse Article: Wait To Marry Until You Are At Least Old Enough To Legally Drink!

By Susan Trombetti, CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking

Before you take the loooong walk down the aisle, make sure you are mature enough to make that commitment for better or for worse!  Miley and Liam have been getting cold feet for years. Now, and before you warm up to the idea of getting hitched, hear matchmaker and relationship expert, Susan Trombetti’s reasons why you may want to say “I don’t” until you are older.

Top 5 Reasons Why Not to Get Married So Young:

1. Money Matrimony Mess

Unless you have a decent savings account, think twice before you book that chapel.  Money is the number one reason couples divorce, so take some time to allow yourself and your hedge fund to mature. It is sad to say, but financial stability usually leads to marriage stability. No money, no fun.

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2. Room For Growth

Don’t go straight from living in a room in your parent’s house to sharing a space with your spouse.  Learn to live alone!  Learn to live independently first before you wind up dependent on someone else.

3. Love Yourself  Before You Love Someone Else

Get to know yourself.  You may not reach your full potential as a person if you have obligations to a spouse and a family.  Live your life. You need to get out there, let your hair down, have fun and experience the world.  There is a greater chance you will change as a person and your priorities will change if you and your partner don’t change together… this spells a relationship disaster!

4.  ‘Till Death Do You Part With Your Problems

Remember, marriage is supposed to be a lifelong commitment.  Yes, there are the good times, but with those times do come some bad patches.  If you marry someone too young you may not have the maturity to handle such a serious commitment and navigate the pitfalls.

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5. Stop In The Name Of Love Before You Become A Statistic

Unless you want to end up like Kim & Kris in a 72 day divorce debacle… think twice and then a third time before you say “I DO”.  Bottom line, divorce rates are higher among younger couples… and no one wants to end up on the receiving end of a Taylor Swift song.

Susan Trombetti is an expert matchmaker and relationship expert. She is CEO and founder of Exclusive Matchmaking and a certified executive member of the matchmaking institute. She has helped many upscale, discerning singles discover long-term relationships and partnerships that are both rewarding and fulfilling through her business, Exclusive Matchmaking. She has also been featured several times in Cosmopolitan, Shape, MSN and many more. You can find Susan sponsoring local charity events or scouting for matches for clients at A- list parties and events.