Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Janelle Arthur Talks About Her “Incredible Journey” on ‘American Idol’Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Janelle Arthur Talks About Her “Incredible Journey” on ‘American Idol’

By Kerri Sheehan

Last night, southern belle Janelle Arthur became the first female to be voted off of this season’s American Idol. Many viewers were surprised that the judges didn’t keep her around, as this week was their last one to use the coveted save. Still, Arthur believes that she left on a high note and got some great feedback from the judges following the elimination show. “Keith [Urban] told me that he fought for me with Mariah [Carey],” she says of the split judge’s panel. “Mariah’s always been so sweet to me and just really complimentary. She told me that she didn’t have a single worry about me, that I had the biggest career ahead of me. A great way to go out, for sure!”

While she’s disappointed to be leaving American Idol – a show that she auditioned for during seasons 10 and 11 as well – Arthur is excited that the remaining four contestants are all females, guaranteeing that there will be a female winner for the first time in six years. The singer, like many viewers, has been “wanting there to be another girl Idol for a long time.” As for her favorite contestant left, she plays coy: “They all kind of have their own thing going on. America can’t go wrong with any of them.”

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Although Arthur was competing against the other ladies, they bonded during the show and truly want what’s best for each other. “We’re not out to get each other. All of us are really laidback, even more so than some of the guys. We really love each other, and we’ve gotten to know each other so well.”

Of course, the Tennessee-born songstress is excited about what’s next. While she doesn’t have anything lined up just yet, she hopes to “write a lot in Nashville and hopefully get into the studio. I think acting would be fun too. I’m up for anything! I just love to entertain.”

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Arthur wants her future album to remain on the traditional side of country rather than the pop country that seems to be popular these days. The adorable blonde plans to “find that balance of what’s old school and what works for today.” She hopes to create music that is a mixture of Patsy Cline, Jewel and Dolly Parton, one of her personal idols who sent her a special note after her performance of “Dumb Blonde.”

Before she heads to Music City, though, Arthur will be taking part in the American Idol summer tour, stopping in over 40 cities. Speaking to her fans, she says, “Y’all did not let me down one bit! You all got me to the top five when I didn’t even think I’d make it past group day. It’s really been an incredible journey. I’m excited about all of my ideas, and I hope to make great music.”

To keep up with Arthur, you can follow her Twitter or catch her on the American Idol tour.