Cupid's Pulse Article: Reality TV: ‘Bachelor’ Couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici Are Finding Trouble in ParadiseCupid's Pulse Article: Reality TV: ‘Bachelor’ Couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici Are Finding Trouble in Paradise

By: Kerri Sheehan

Bachelor winner, Catherine Giudici is finding that life after the final rose is not all its cracked up to be. Since relocating to Los Angeles to support fiancé, Sean Lowe, during his run on Dancing With the Stars Giudici has been hit with the boredom bug hardcore. The 26-year-old Graphic Designer currently lives by herself as her and Lowe are waiting until marriage to move in together. A source reported to US Weekly that, “She goes to some DWTS rehearsals, but mostly stays home watching TV.” After moving away from friends in Seattle Giudici is clearly not fond of being away from her crowd.

What are some ways to remain supportive of your partner’s career?

Cupid’s Advice:

It can be hard to remain supportive of your partner’s career when it feels like they are leaving you behind. Seeing someone you’re so close to skyrocket can make you feel not only lonely, but also extremely unsuccessful yourself. However, when you fill your own time you will find it easier to be happy for your other half’s successes. Cupid has some advice about how to stay busy while your significant other is soaking up the limelight:

Get Involved: Whatever career option your partner is partaking in does have room for you. Be sure to help them out in whatever way you can. This not only makes your partner feel like you’re supporting their each and every endeavor, but it also keeps you from feeling like you’re doing nothing. On the off chance that getting involved isn’t a viable option join in on some volunteer work in your area. If you’re busy as well then your partner’s hectic schedule won’t seem as daunting to you.

Catch Up With Friends: People in long-term relationships often forget to add some quality friend time into the equation. Take all of your extra time and channel it into your friendships to strengthen those as best you can. This will create a healthy balance between your spouse and your friends so no one feels forgotten. Dedicating all of your time pining over one person isn’t beneficial to anyone.

Show Your Support: Nothing breaks up a relationship faster than an unsupportive partner. If you were doing well work wise wouldn’t you want your hubby to be proud of you? Make sure he knows you appreciate his achievements.

How do you stay supportive of your partner’s career? Share your ideas below.