Cupid's Pulse Article: Gia Allemand and Wes Hayden’s ‘Bachelor Pad’ RomanceCupid's Pulse Article: Gia Allemand and Wes Hayden’s ‘Bachelor Pad’ Romance

They’re together!  Gia Allemand and Wes Hayden confirmed that they are, in fact, a couple this week on the finale of the Bachelor Pad.  Although the pair were flirtatious on the show, nothing had previously happened between them because Gia had a boyfriend back home.  However, the pair sealed the deal on the finale with a much-anticipated kiss.  “It’s about time that that happened!” cooed co-host Melissa Rycroft, according to US Weekly.

Can you emotionally cheat on someone?

Cupid’s Advice:

1. Secrecy: Being open and honest with your partner is the most important thing.  If you find yourself spending time with a friend of the opposite sex and keeping it a secret from your mate, that is probably the first sign of emotional infidelity.

2. Ex alert: There’s nothing wrong with staying friendly with an ex-beau.  However, don’t let those relationships become too involved, as emotional cheating can often spring from old flames.  Live in the present, not the past.

3. Discussing your relationship: It can be relieving to confide in your friends, but discussing your relationship problems with a friend of the opposite sex can make for an awkward situation.  It can create intimacy, which can easily turn into emotional cheating.