Cupid's Pulse Article: Queen Elizabeth Says Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Child Will Be Called ‘Princess’Cupid's Pulse Article: Queen Elizabeth Says Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Child Will Be Called ‘Princess’

By Michelle Danzig

According to People, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has issued a formal decree that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s baby girl will be recognized as a princess. If the royal family followed the century-old decree by George V, the daughter born to William and Kate would don the title ‘lady.’ It was previously stated that only the eldest son of the eldest son of the Prince of Wales was allowed the royal title of ‘prince.’ Although the decision was made on New Year’s Eve, the London Gazette announced the declaration, stating that it applies to all future children of the couple. It partially stated the the children of William and Kate, “should have and enjoy the style, title and attribute of royal highness with the titular dignity of Prince or Princess prefixed to their Christian names or with such other titles of honour.” In addition, it follows additional, proposed changes in legislation that will omit gender discrimination in the line of succession.

What are some ways to keep your parents and/or in-laws involved in your pregnancy?

Cupid’s Advice:

A baby can be an exciting milestone for not only you, but for your family, too. Like the Royal Family, while anticipating the birth of the first grandchild, you may find that your family desires to be more involved in your pregnancy than ever. Whether it is the first, middle or last child, here are some excellent ways your can keep your parents and/or in-laws involved in your pregnancy:

1. Invite them over for dinner more often: Your body is going to be changing in many ways. If you don’t see your parents or in-laws as often as you would like, try to plan some more family dinners. This way, they can come over and see your body change and witness your pregnancy first hand.

2. Send pictures of the sonograms: Seeing a sonogram live is a beautiful experience. Because this is and intimate time that you and your partner share, you may not desire to break the moment by inviting family members to the doctor. Instead, ask for multiple print-outs of the sonogram photo. With today’s technology, you can even get a video recording of the sonogram. Send this out to your family so that they can watch the baby develop the way you do.

3. Take them shopping with you: While you prepare for the baby’s arrival, include your parents or in-laws in the process. Invite them out on a day that you need to buy supplies, have them pick out some baby clothes and let them feel involved. Who knows, you may also get some free supplies from the family as well!

How do you keep your parents/in-laws involved in your pregnancy? Share below!