Cupid's Pulse Article: Tips for Making a Long Distance Relationship WorkCupid's Pulse Article: Tips for Making a Long Distance Relationship Work

By TJ Barea

Long distance relationships can be successful.  Just because there is distance between you physically does not mean the relationship should suffer.  There are a number of things you can do to help bridge the gap from your heart to your partner’s:


Skype is cam-based chat software that can be downloaded.  Skype is better than messaging, texting or online chatting.  It has a real-time cam that enables the participants of the chat to not only exchange messages, but see each other as if they were face-to-face.  Skype can help bridge the gap by enable partners to see each other and talk at the same time.  It can be the next best thing to meeting in person.

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Texts are a quick little message that can be sent all hours of the day.  The nice thing about texting is if the other person is tied up, they do not have to answer it, like a phone call or Skype call that has to be answered right then.  The downsides to texting are it can take a while for the other person to respond if they are busy and the fact that you can’t always read emotions in texts.

Phone Calls

A simple phone call can brighten anyone’s day.  Thanks to cell phones a call can be placed and received anywhere.  When you’re having a rough day, or just want to share a moment with your partner, a phone call is the perfect way to connect the gap caused by the miles apart.  With a phone call, you will not get the misunderstandings and lack or emotions that texts can have.  The sound of your partner’s voice on the line is sure to bring a smile to your day.

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As old fashioned as it may seem with today’s technology, letters are a great way to communicate and keep a long distance relation healthy.  Remember back to when you were a kid, running to the mailbox just to see if you had mail.  Even though we are all grown up, doesn’t mean we don’t still like receiving letters.  In addition to the excitement of finding a letter in the mail, there is a certain freedom that comes from writing.  Some people are able to communicate better once they can think about what they want to say and have a chance to put it on paper.  Face-to-face or voice-to-voice calls can prove to be limiting for fear of rejection.  Writing a letter gives you a chance to say your heart’s deepest thoughts and wishes without rejection as it is being written.


Much like the excitement of getting a letter, your partner will enjoy receiving deliveries.  The deliveries can be anything from a gift, care package, chocolates or flowers.  Some places will even deliver special dinners, too.  A delivery, especially surprise ones, is a great way of saying you were thinking of your partner.

Alternating Trips

Make plans to see each other.  Since travel can be expensive, try suggesting alternating who travels each time.  One month or every few months you travel and the next time, your partner can travel.  Depending on distance, you can set up the timeframe and frequency of the trips.  You could even meet in the middle someplace romantic to split the cost of traveling.

Long distance relationships can work.  They just take a little bit of work to ensure communication lines stay open.  Also, your partner needs to know you were thinking of them, since you do not see each other daily.

This article was composed by TJ Barea for the team at badoo.