Cupid's Pulse Article: Gwen Stefani Says Raising Kids with Gavin Rossdale Is the ‘Ultimate Collaboration’Cupid's Pulse Article: Gwen Stefani Says Raising Kids with Gavin Rossdale Is the ‘Ultimate Collaboration’

By Jennifer Ross

With her long list of accomplishments, Gwen Stefani claims her biggest moment is having a family with husband Gavin Rossdale. The couple just celebrated their 10-year anniversary, a huge accomplishment in the music industry. In an interview with Vogue, published in the January 2013 issue, the No Doubt lead singer describes her lasting marriage as, “It’s pride. You feel proud. There are just so many rewards that come with it… It’s like these wars that go on and then you kind of get through to the other side, and it’s like, ‘Wow.’” The glue to their marriage — their two children, sons Kingston James McGregor, 6½, and Zuma Nesta Rock, 4. “Having kids takes the whole relationship to another place. It is the ultimate collaboration.” From success at work to at home, Stafani, 43, sometimes can’t believe anyone can be this lucky in life. Every day I’m like, ‘Really? Are you serious? Thank you, God. This is too good.’”

How does raising children bring you closer together as a couple?

Cupid’s Advice:

It may seem like adding a child into your relationship will deplete everything your and your partner cherish – your love, money and time. On the contrary, children bring the lessons of unity and unconditional love for someone else. Have doubts about this? Here are a few ways children will bring closeness:

1. More than two: As a couple, you two will have a loving bond for each other. However, when children are added, your relationship literally transitions into something more significant and even greater than before. It transitions into a family.

2. Common life goal: Although you and your mate definitely love each other, it’s nothing compared to the love you two will feel for your children. Even better, the ability to share that common goal of loving and nurturing your children is what will bring you two even closer as a couple.

3. Symbiosis: Because raising children requires so much more than just love, you and your partner will immediately learn to cooperate with each other simply to get through the daily stresses of a family. Working together repeatedly is what teaches you both to live in harmony and togetherness.

How did raising children bring you and your partner closer together? Tell us below.