Cupid's Pulse Article: Mark Ballas and Ex-Girlfriend Pia Toscano Reunite at ShowCupid's Pulse Article: Mark Ballas and Ex-Girlfriend Pia Toscano Reunite at Show

By Jennifer Ross

Although Pia Toscano was the one to end their relationship, neither she nor ex Mark Ballas had any hard feelings about it. Ballas, 26, was recently reunited with Toscano, 24, at the annual Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times Halloween carnival in L.A., where both performed separately, according to People. The professional ballroom dancer even uploaded Instagram photos of the two after the event. Even before meeting up at the event, Ballas told L.A.’s 104.3 radio station that the two have ran into each other before. “She lives down the street, so we ran into each other the other day at Starbucks. It’s cool. We’re still friends. It’s all good.”

What are some ways to get your relationship to a civil place after a breakup?

Cupids Advice:

Once a relationship is broken, it may take some time for your ex to completely exit your life, if it is even possible. If you and your ex still work together, run in the same social circles or share custody of any children, you will need to speak to him eventually. Even if you don’t want to have meaningful conversations with your ex, you still will need to at least be cordial. In this situation, here are a few pointers on how to keep the peace with your ex:

1. No fighting: To begin the civility, you and your ex must be civil with each other. That means no fighting or pushing each other’s buttons simply because you can. The way to have a nice platonic relationship is to get over him and remove any strong hostile emotions.

2. Avoid nicknames: As with any negative emotions, it is best to also remove the intimate ones as well. Any loving nicknames, inside jokes or other mementos of your intimate relationship should be left in the past. This will help in allowing you two to form a different relationship moving forward.

3. Time: Before all else, the only way your previous relationship will get to a civil place is with time. You need time to cool down; time to heal any heartaches and regroup yourself back to the wonderful single person you always were.

Were you and your partner able to be civil with each other after a breakup? How did you do it? Tell us below.