Cupid's Pulse Article: Adele Is ‘Thrilled’ About Becoming a MotherCupid's Pulse Article: Adele Is ‘Thrilled’ About Becoming a Mother

By Jennifer Ross

Adele’s new single, the James Bond theme “Skyfall,” is finally out and hitting the charts; yet, the thing that’s most on her mind now is much bigger than her new single. The Grammy-winning singer, 24, is “thrilled” about her upcoming real-life role as mum, a source reports to People. As Adele prepares for her first baby with her boyfriend, Simon Konecki, she has no complaints about staying out of the spotlight for awhile. She has been described as “laying low and nesting.” Little baby is expected to arrive sometime this fall.

How do you prepare your relationship for a first child?

Cupid’s Advice:

No matter how hard you try, you and your partner can’t possibly know what to expect with the birth of your first child.  But there are some common pitfalls all couples can be aware of after a baby is born that could help ease the transition to parenthood:

1. Understand biological drives: Men and women respond differently when it comes to transforming into parents. Soon after a woman discovers she’s pregnant, her mommy mode kicks straight into protection gear. For men, the daddy mode may not start until after the baby arrives and it usually comes with a blast of last-minute financial panic. Understanding that these feelings are normal and supporting each other through them will help ease the stress.

2. Individual roles: It’s vital to agree to each other’s role with the baby. Talk about what your parents did when you were a child and how you felt about the way they raised you. Do you want to follow in their path? Are there some key areas that you want to steer away from when you’re a mom or dad? Figuring out who does what before the little one arrives will lead to less confusion.

3. Sleep deprivation: In the beginning, the baby will need feedings at all hours. It would be useless if both parents were getting up together at night. This would inevitably transform you both into walking zombies during the day. Instead, divide the feedings into a set schedule that both of you agree to so that at least one of you gets rest each evening.

What steps did you take to prepare your relationship for a first child? Tell us below.