Cupid's Pulse Article: 3 Ways to Fit Romance into Fall MadnessCupid's Pulse Article: 3 Ways to Fit Romance into Fall Madness

By Rebecca Garland

It’s time to don your sensible shoes and grab the day planner, because the frenzy of fall is upon us. Little Johnny has football practice five nights a week that don’t always overlap with Susie’s drill team practice. The weekends are full of football games and dance competitions and that’s before you make it to the grocery store and sew on the newest badges for the scout meeting next week. Life is crazy when we get back into the swing of school and extracurricular activities, so how can we ever keep romance alive in the madness?

Add Romance to Your Routine

The easiest way to stay romantic is to find places to actually feel romantic together with the things you’re doing. If you have to fill out thousands of forms for the beginning of school, why not sit down with your man on the couch, turn on some soothing music, grab a bottle of wine and fill in all of the necessary contact information and health insurance numbers?

It may not make it into the movies, but sitting close, having wine and music — even when coupled with dress codes and parent contact forms — can be sexy.

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Enjoy Early Bedtimes

The kids are going to be worn out by the end of the week and you probably are, too. There’s no rule saying that you have to stay up until eleven o’clock every night of the week.

Make it a new routine in your household to send the kids to bed at eight (or even seven!) on Friday nights to help them get caught up on rest. Meanwhile, the two of you should climb into your bed armed with a movie, some snacks and some serious cuddling.

Watch your movie, or create your own fun in the stillness of a peaceful Friday night — this may easily become your favorite night of the week. It’s horribly unproductive in terms of shopping lists and multitasking, but it’s a glorious way to relax and spend time together.

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Arrange Date Nights (And Keep Them Holy)

It can be hard to tear yourself away, but call up a babysitter and make it work. Take at least two hours one night of the week or every other week and go to dinner together. Try a new restaurant every time you go out to keep things interesting while still getting home in time for bedtime routines and a good night’s sleep.

If you can’t spring for the babysitter, have a light dinner and then plan on cooking together after the kids go to bed. A late supper with candles, drinks and charming company in the comfort of your home is always relaxing as well — and is a bit more flexible with a crowded schedule.

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