Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Bachelor Pad’ Stars Blakely and Tony Get Engaged on the Show’s FinaleCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Bachelor Pad’ Stars Blakely and Tony Get Engaged on the Show’s Finale

By Jennifer Ross

In the season finale of Bachelor Pad, it was Nick Peterson that walked away with the $250,000 jackpot, leaving his partner, Rachel Trueheart, empty handed.  However, Peterson was not the only one to come out a winner.  A surprise ending to the show happened when Tony Pieper proposed to his girlfriend and partner, Blakeley Jones. It appeared as if both Jones, 28, and Chris Harrison, host of the show, were unaware of Pieper’s, 30, plans. According to People, Jones has been reported saying that although she knew she would marry Pieper someday, she had no idea when it would happen. Let’s hope their marriage is not as fast as their dating relationship.

What are some very public ways to propose marriage?

Cupid’s Advice:

Almost every man, at one point in his life, will have to answer that day old question — “How should I propose to the love of my life?” From the simple to the over-the-top plan, Cupid’s Pulse has a few ideas for you to consider.

1. K.I.S.S.: When in doubt, Keep It Smart and Simple. While being proposed to can make a person feel like No. 1, not everyone enjoys being the center of attention. A good way to propose low key at home is to remove all her jewelry from her jewelry box and replace it with just the ring. Then, wait for her surprise reaction when she finds it as she is getting dressed.

2. Spell it out: Another great idea is to get the loved ones involved in helping you propose. Plan a party, inviting all your friends and family. Recruit some of the attendees to wear a T-shirt bearing one letter of the phrase, “Will you marry me?” Then, as soon as you two walk in, suggest a group photo and let the shirts speak for themselves.

3. Look up: For an outrageous idea, why not propose surrounded by thousands of your “closest friends” and your favorite team! Many sporting events allow bookings for your proposal to be shown on their scoreboard or big screen arena-boards. Just be sure to book it days or weeks in advance, depending on the popularity of the game. Another benefit is the booking fee usually goes towards the team’s foundation.

How were you proposed to? Have a great proposal story for us? Tell us below!