Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Go Paintballing TogetherCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Go Paintballing Together

By Daniela Agurcia

This weekend, be a little playful and adventurous with your loved one: go paintballing together. Research places nearby and sign up for a day where you can both get away and have some fun. This activity is great for couples that are highly active and welcome a little challenge. You’ve already had those one-on-one dates where you get to know each other over a casual cup of coffee or fancy dinner out, and now it’s time for something different. Paintballing is the perfect way to see the more carefree and child-like side of your partner.

Don’t wear your typical date outfit; instead, wear something simple and comfortable like old jean shorts and a white t-shirt. This date is the perfect opportunity to show your man that you’re low-maintance and not always concerned with how you look. And be sure to bring a change of clothes – you may get dirty with all that paint flying through the air.

Make it a group outing, and invite other couples to join you. Get even more competitive and split into teams: girls versus guys. It’s date against date. These games usually work like capture the flag, where the goal of each team is to capture the other team’s flag. In this case, you’ll be shooting the enemy with paintballs along the way.

Remember that well-known playground rule from your elementary days? If someone picks on you, it’s because he likes you. Well, that idea comes into play when you collaborate with your teammates to make it a strategy for every one to target their date – or in this case, enemy. Don’t hold back and don’t be afraid to get dirty. Showing a competitive side is sexy and attractive to the opposite sex. Even make it a bet that the losing team has to buy their dates lunch afterwards.

Once the game ends and the winner has gotten their applause, clean up a little and grab a couple of burgers and fries at a place nearby. Spend the rest of the day taking it easy and regaining the energy lost from your paintball game. It’s the perfect ending to a busy day!¬†If you’ve had a long week of work and just want to let go of your stress, this date can be your solution.

What other adventurous dates would be fun? Share your ideas below.