Cupid's Pulse Article: 5 Lies Your Single Friends Like to TellCupid's Pulse Article: 5 Lies Your Single Friends Like to Tell

By Ché Blackwood

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to dating. Usually these differences are insignificant, like preferring blue eyes or waiting until the third date for the first kiss. However, other differences matter a lot more, like those who love the single life versus those who prefer to stay coupled up. While few will say no to being treated to an expensive dinner date, not everyone wants to commit afterward. You can tell these “commit-a-phobes” the advantages of dating over and over, but they’ll be filled with reasons why they’re better off on their own. While there’s nothing wrong with staying single, there’s also nothing wrong with taking on a partner. We gathered the most common arguments for staying single, and explained the reasons why they’re wrong:

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1. Single folks have more fun: It’s hard to argue that being single can be enjoyable. After all, you can focus on your own desires and dreams. However, the same should be true in relationships. Deciding to be exclusive shouldn’t strip you of freedom. A healthy relationship leaves plenty of room for both partners to focus on themselves, as well as on each other. If you feel you have to keep sacrificing your dreams, your relationship isn’t average, it’s unhealthy.

2. Singles are too busy for relationships: Between focusing on a career, balancing friendships and trying to squeeze in a single afternoon for that long overdue dentist appointment, it’s not surprising that some think the addition of a significant other is too much to handle. Of course, falling in love is not the same as working toward a promotion or scheduling in a root canal. Love is a wonderful treat that breaks up the monotony of everyday life. If you have the time to do things you don’t want to do, you certainly have the time for some romance on the side.

3. Singles are too independent to answer to anyone: There isn’t much room for selfishness in a relationship. Your actions are, in a lot of ways, going to directly affect your partner. Even something as minor as going to sleep at 3 a.m. on a weeknight could wake your beau up. As a result, compromise is a huge part of successful relationships and that will never change. However, considering someone else’s feelings is very different than having to answer to someone. You’re even allowed to be a little selfish now and then. While couples will discuss their weekend plans together, they can choose what to do together and what to do apart, and both are equally valid. If you find yourself having to answer to your partner all the time, you should probably call it quits.

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4. Singles know relationships are too hard: Every relationship will have bumps now and then, so it’s clear that relationships aren’t always easy. Spending the majority of your free time with one person can be stressful and you’re bound to fight occasionally. Still, nothing good in life comes easily. You and your best friend undoubtedly have a few fights under your belts, but that doesn’t negate how much you love each other. The same can be said for dating.

5. Casual dating is better: Running into the grocery store, catching the eye of the cute guy in the vegetable section and leaving with a new number in your phone is the kind of encounter single women dream about. The constant chance that you may run into your next date is always an adrenaline rush. However, though first dates are interesting and offer you the chance to experience new things, you won’t form lasting memories if you change partners every Friday. Eventually, even your single friends will feel the need to couple up. All it takes is the right start.

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