Cupid's Pulse Article: Chris Brown and Drake Reportedly Brawl Over RihannaCupid's Pulse Article: Chris Brown and Drake Reportedly Brawl Over Rihanna

Early this Thursday, the entourages of singers Chris Brown and Drake got into a massive and violent fight at W.i.P., a downtown NYC club. Though the two singers never attacked each other directly, their posses traded blows and Brown was cut by a bottle thrown in the process. Most suspect that this brawl broke out over Rihanna, whom the two have both been romantically linked to in the past. A source told Us Weekly that although Rihanna is very glad she wasn’t there, she “loves this drama” and, after speaking to Brown and Drake, still “thinks it’s crazy.”

What do you if someone you’re interested in has another admirer?

Cupid’s Advice:

It’s always hard when a crush seems to have feelings for someone else, but if you approach the situation carefully, you’ll find that you’re very capable of winning out or moving on. Here are some tips for doing those:

1. Sort out your feelings: When you realize that someone else likes the same person you do, take the time to rethink your situation. Do you genuinely want to be with your crush, or are you just pining for them because they might become unavailable? If you’re only acting out of jealousy, it’s time to move on to another person.

2. Approach your crush: If you’ve realized your feelings for someone are strong and genuine, then the easiest way to ensure they end up with you and not someone else is to ask them on a date. Don’t sit around and wait for them to come to you if you really care about them. If things go well, you shouldn’t have to worry about their other admirers.

3. Be ready to move on: When someone has another admirer, there’s always a chance that they will end up with them instead of you. Make sure you remember that there are always other people out there if things don’t work out.

Have you ever had to compete for a crush with another admirer? Tell us what you did below.