Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Remodeled’s’ Paul Fisher Wants a Woman Who is Beautiful Inside and OutCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Remodeled’s’ Paul Fisher Wants a Woman Who is Beautiful Inside and Out

By Nisha Ramirez

Paul Fisher is surrounded by beautiful women everyday — he is a modeling agent, after all. The passionate, no-nonsense agent, who has represented fashion icons like Naomi Campbell and Kimora Lee-Simmons, made it big in the 90’s and is now the star of television reality series Remodeled on the CW Network. But, Remodeled isn’t just another show about models; it actually provides Fisher with a platform to change the face of the modeling industry and what society deems beautiful.

From doing drugs to getting dumped, Fisher opens up to us about his career, love life and his fight to redefine beauty.He admits to being “girl crazy” and spiraling out of control as he climbed to the top. “When I decided to get back into the modeling industry again, I had to beg for forgiveness because I was an animal for 20 years. I did drugs; I slept with the girls; I was just an animal,” he explains. “But I did find my faith about five years ago. I walked into The Kabbalah Centre, and it literally changed my life.”

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Fisher decided to rejoin the modeling world and transform the industry into a safe place for young models. In doing so, he created The Network, a company that helps to create models who are also role models instead of models who are defined by their looks and beauty.  It’s quite the undertaking.  Right now, his firm is comprised of 12,000 models represented by small agencies around the world.

Comfortable with his role behind-the-scenes, Fisher first declined to star in Remodeled. He says, “My partners came to me, but I’m a private man. I didn’t want to be out there in the public eye; that’s just not who I am. Then they came back to me and said, ‘Paul, this show could really expedite our mission.’”

What is the mission?  To contact the fashion magazines and designers and ask them to rethink their definition of beauty. “I want to go to war with any designer that has a thin, 16-year-old girl walk down the runway, who inadvertently encourages young girls around the world to put their finger down their mouth because they think they have to weigh 116 pounds,” he says. “The average woman is 5’4 and 143 pounds. That is beautiful. That is sexy!”

Expanding on this idea, Fisher believes that the fashion industry has created a false picture of what a woman should look like. Through The Network and his work on Remodeled, he inspires his female and male models to be confident and healthy in an industry that scrutinizes their every feature. The powerhouse agent knows that self-esteem issues caused by magazines and designers extends to real women everywhere.

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“This isn’t a business to me. It’s a movement, and you’re a part of my movement. I’m really working, with every fiber of my being, to change the industry,” he reveals. “And I am going to sit at a Calvin Klein fashion show a year or two from now, and we’re not going to see skinny kids walking down the runway.”

Since Fisher is representing models in an industry that he calls “destructive,” he tells his clients that beauty is only skin deep. “You are going to find a man or woman out there who is going to think that you are perfect and that you shouldn’t change one little thing about yourself. Your physical reality is irrelevant anyways.”

Despite his work in an industry that focuses on appearance above all else, Fisher believes that looks aren’t everything. “I’ve dated the most beautiful women in the world, and I’ve lived with the most beautiful woman in the world,” he says. “Yes, physical attraction is important, but much more important is being on the same path spiritually, wanting the same things as far as giving back to the world and truly trying to make a difference.”

Fisher is looking for a woman in his personal life who is beautiful inside and out.  “About two years ago, right before I was supposed to get married, I got dumped by my beautiful fiancée, and I have not been with anyone since then.”

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Going into more detail, he adds, “I am very passionate about my family, my faith and The Network because I really believe that we’re trying to do something special. I hope that soon, I become passionate about finding my soul mate because I certainly would love to have children and be a role model for a couple of kids.”

With a mission to reinvent the fashion industry like he reinvented his life, Fisher is excited for the new season of Remodeled. As he explains, “We’re creating some stars, and it’s pretty damn exciting. I give these models some pretty damn tough love, and I think people are going to really enjoy it.”

If you want to be a part of Paul Fisher’s fashion movement and learn more about The Network, check out his Remodeled returns to the CW network on Monday, July 9th at 9/8c – be sure to tune in!