Cupid's Pulse Article: Where Did Macho Go?Cupid's Pulse Article: Where Did Macho Go?

By John Powers

Modern love is complicated. Expectations are higher than ever and men are being forced to evolve or risk becoming obsolete. This man believes that there are positives to masculinity that are often overlooked. Here are some tips to help you let your man be a man:

Smell His Pheromones

He is a man, and sometimes smells like one. You should cherish his manly characteristics. His testosterone brings balance to your relationship. Do not force him to shave his chest. If he wants to grow a beard, let him. Admire his manliness, and encourage him to enjoy sports and spend time with other men.

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Let Him Dress Himself

As long as he wears khakis to your cocktail party, you should allow him to veto the argyle cardigan. He is not Mr. Rogers. If he wears a sportscoat, don’t bust his balls about the jeans. They are not as tight as the jeans on a hipster in the West Village, but they are new and clean. Be proud of the man you’re with, and he will walk proudly beside you.

Embrace His Sexuality

He is heterosexual, not metrosexual. Allow him to indulge his primal urges. Let him take control in the bedroom, and stay open-minded. He likes your lady lumps, and you should appreciate your differences. Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy an occasional steak.

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Masculine Men

Too often these days women look at Johnny Depp or even Justin Bieber as their ideal man. A man need not appear feminine or prepubescent. Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale are both happily married and full of machismo. An old-fashioned man knows how to treat a lady right.

Clearly your man and his masculinity are vital to the success of your relationship. Follow these tips to ensure your man feels like one.

John Powers is a heterosexual, single male.  He does graphics for TV by day and standup comedy by night.  He enjoys playing and listening to rock music, driving around with the top down on his convertible, walking aimlessly around Manhattan, and sipping on deep red wine near the beach.