Cupid's Pulse Article: Richie Sambora Loves Denise Richards More for AdoptingCupid's Pulse Article: Richie Sambora Loves Denise Richards More for Adopting

Rocker Richie Sambora and model Denise Richards have rekindled their romance, and Sambora says Richard’s adoption made him fall even harder for her. Richards, who has two daughters with ex Charlie Sheen, adopted a baby girl named Eloise in 2011. “When she did that, it just made me fall in love with her more for god sakes,” the musician told “Because it’s such a beautiful thing to do. It’s such a giving thing.” While Sambora supports Richard’s decision to adopt, his own daughter with ex Heather Locklear, supports his new relationship whole heartedly. “I think they are so cute together and I couldn’t be happier!” she said. “They are adorable.”

What are some disadvantages to dating someone that has kids?

Cupid’s Advice:

Dating someone new can call for some adjusting, but dating someone with kids can call for some major changes, and will change the rules of the dating game. Cupid has some reasons why:

1. Expectations: Not only are you trying to impress your partner, but you’re going to have to impress their kids if you want to have any chance at taking the relationship to more serious levels. Kids can be very accepting, but they’re also honest and judgmental.

2. Fitting into two roles: There will be a part of you that’s the “you” when it’s just you and your partner, and there will be the “you” when you’re with your partner in front of their children. It’s important that you remain as much yourself in both situations for the relationship to be real.

3. Different priorities: Your partner’s kids will, as they should, take priority over you and your relationship. This can lead you to feel like you’re not appreciated or you’re being ignored, while in reality, your partner is busy being a responsible parent.

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