Cupid's Pulse Article: Michelle Williams and Jason Segel: A Serious Couple?Cupid's Pulse Article: Michelle Williams and Jason Segel: A Serious Couple?

It seems that things are heating up between My Week With Marilyn star Michelle Williams and actor Jason Segel … and many people didn’t see it coming.  However, according to, friends close to the couple are surprised it didn’t happen sooner.  The couple have known each other for years and met through Williamss good friend Busy Philipps, who starred with Segel in Freaks and Geeks.  

How do you know when your relationship has turned serious?

Cupid’s Advice:

Even when you both having feelings for one another, labeling your relationship as “serious” can be difficult.  Here are some signs that it’s approaching that label:

1. You’re Facebook official: Once you’ve both announced your relationship to your friends via your social media circles, it’s safe to say you’re serious.

2. You’ve met the family: Meeting your partner’s family and introducing them to yours is a huge step for a couple.  It’s one that you don’t take unless you’re serious.

3. You’re moving in together: Signing a lease together is a big step that’s never to be taken lightly.

How did you know your relationship was serious? Share your thoughts below.