Cupid's Pulse Article: Kate Gosselin Reveals She’s Lonely on Dr. DrewCupid's Pulse Article: Kate Gosselin Reveals She’s Lonely on Dr. Drew

It’s been two years, but Kate Gosselin still isn’t ready to move on.  Gosselin, 36, revealed that she is lonely and unhappy with her love life on Dr. Drew Wednesday, reports RadarOnline.  Gosselin separated from her now ex-husband Jon Gosselin two years ago, but doesn’t feel the time is right to find the man who would be willing to take on eight kids yet.  “I absolutely [want to find someone]!” said Gosselin.  “The odds are so against me, one mom and eight kids…so it would be great.  I mean, I’m so lonely.  I clean up the house, put the kids to bed and there I sit.  Ideally I would find that person…I don’t know if I feel ready for that.”

How do you get over the feeling of being lonely after a split?

Cupid’s Advice:

Living the single life takes some adjusting to, especially if you’re used to being in a relationship.  Here are a few ways to help you get over your loneliness:

1. Keep busy:  Loneliness really settles in during your extra time.  Staying busy will help keep your mind off of your feelings.  Also, getting out more may be a way for you to meet new people.

2. Call your friends:  A romantic partner isn’t the only person who can make you feel wanted.  Your friends have been supporting you for years and will continue to do so.  Call them up and organize a time to hang out.

3. Avoid routines:  Having a scheduled, routine life will only make you feel lonelier.  Shake things up, and be careful not to live on auto-pilot.  Spontaneity can be a blessing.

How did you comfort yourself after a breakup?  Feel free to leave a comment below.