Cupid's Pulse Article: Jonah Hill and Longtime Girlfriend SplitCupid's Pulse Article: Jonah Hill and Longtime Girlfriend Split

High school sweethearts, Jonah Hill and Jordan Klein, recently broke up.  Coincidence or not, Hill had recently lost 40 pounds.  According to, the actor was spotted hanging out with a different girl just a few weeks after the spilt. According to a source, Klein seemed really happy and there were no signs of a breakup.  Traveling and time apart could be the culprit for the bad news.  Following a job offer, Klein could no longer travel in order to spend time with her boyfriend.

How do you define yourself independently after a breakup?

Cupid’s Advice:

Ending a relationship can leave you lonely and without an identity.  Sometimes being in a long term relationship means falling into a routine or doing almost everything with your partner.  Being single means being your own person, again:

1. Get rid of the past: Give or throw away presents, borrowed items or anything else that reminds you of your old flame.  Replace old pictures of you and your ex with pictures of your family and friends.

2. Go out: No need to make bad decisions, but do go out and spend time with someone who loves you and can support you through this tough time.

3. Think about it: Figure out whether you want to stay single for a while or start dating again right away.  Whatever it is, take the time to find out what makes you happy.

When is the best time to start moving on after a breakup?