Cupid's Pulse Article: Craig Ferguson: Daddy-to-Be!Cupid's Pulse Article: Craig Ferguson: Daddy-to-Be!

And baby makes four!  Craig Ferguson announced via Twitter that he and his art-dealer wife, Megan, are expecting their first child together, reported People.  Last Wednesday, the host of The Late Late Show on CBS tweeted, “Holy crackers!  Mrs F is pregnant.  How did that happen? …oh yeah I know how.  Another Ferguson arrives in 2011.  The world trembles.”  The new addition will give Milo Hamish, Ferguson’s son from a previous marriage, a baby sibling to look forward to.

What can you do to prepare your child to be an older sibling?

Cupid’s Advice:

A new baby can take up most of your time, and it’s easy for older ones to feel left out.  Here are some of Cupid’s ideas on preparing your child for a baby on the way:

1. Involvement: Keep your child involved by letting him or her help with baby preparations, like decorating their room, or picking out clothes.

2. Minimize jealousy: Don’t make too many changes to your child’s routine right before the baby is born.  This might foster resentment towards their new sibling, as those changes will be associated with his or her birth.

3. Practice: Give your child an idea of what he or she has to look forward to by visiting friends or relatives who have infants.