Cupid's Pulse Article: Hugh Jackman’s Wife Doesn’t Like Her Man Too BuffCupid's Pulse Article: Hugh Jackman’s Wife Doesn’t Like Her Man Too Buff

There’s no denying that Hugh Jackman is in good shape, but this X-Men star’s wife isn’t all for her man being buff.  According to, Deborra-Lee Furness thinks her hubby’s job is to do the opposite and stay out of shape for her.  “My wife is always upset with me if I’m in really good shape,” says Jackman, who has been married to Furness for 15 years.  “”Overall, Deb would say to me my job is to be out of shape so that she can look as good as possible.”

What do you do if your man becomes obsessed with working out?

Cupid’s Advice:

Staying healthy and in shape is almost always a good thing, but when working out becomes an obsession and begins becoming a problem in your relationship, it may be time to search out ways to deal.  Cupid has some ideas:

1. Make plans in advance: Purposely make plans at a time when you know your partner has planned to work out.  Stress that it’s very important to you that you keep the plans you have, and begin weening him out of his obsessive ways one interruption at a time.

2. Tell him how you feel: Sometimes men can get frustrated when women tell them how they feel in detail, so keep it short and to the point.  Tell him that when he works out instead of spending quality time with you, it hurts your feelings.

3. Show him it doesn’t matter: The best way to get your beau to quit working out non-stop is to show him that you’re attracted to him even when he’s not super buff.  Make it known that you would actually prefer some less substantial physique.

Does your man work out too much? What did you do? Share your ideas below.