Cupid's Pulse Article: Rachel Weisz Talks Babies With Daniel CraigCupid's Pulse Article: Rachel Weisz Talks Babies With Daniel Craig

It looks like there’s a possibility of adding a James Bond, Jr. to Hollywood’s children in the future. According to, Daniel Craig and his new wife Rachel Weisz are considering having kids at some point … or at least they aren’t ruling it out. “Oh, I wouldn’t make [a baby] just for the sake of giving my son a sibling,” the actress said. “But… You never know.”  The pair married in June after a courtship mainly out of the public eye.

How do you avoid the pressure from family and friends to have kids?

Cupid’s Advice:

“Everyone else is doing it” is often the justification for doing something, but it’s important not to let that rationale get to you when it comes to having children. Here are some ways to avoid the pressure:

1. Blow it off: If you’re unwilling to dignify a discussion about having a family in the future, people will stop asking you about it.  Respond to any questions about having kids with one-word answers, and then change the subject.

2. Explain: Sometimes it can get annoying to have to discuss your life plans and why they exist, but with close family and friends it can be necessary sometimes. When they ask you about having kids, explain to them why it is you aren’t ready. Chances are, you have logical reasoning behind it, and your loved ones will understand.

3. Be straight: If being subtle doesn’t seem to be working, let your family and friends know straight out that you will have kids when you want to have them and you don’t want them to pressure you.  Tell them you’ll have children when you’re ready to make that step.

How do you keep the pressure of having kids from getting to you? Share your thoughts below.