Cupid's Pulse Article: Bachelor Pad 2: Gia Allemand Finds Love In the NBACupid's Pulse Article: Bachelor Pad 2: Gia Allemand Finds Love In the NBA

Love appears to have finally pulled through for an upbeat Bachelor Pad 2 alum Gia Allemand. The 27 year-old model said that her relationship with boyfriend Ryan Anderson, power forward for the Orlando Magic, fell into place back in February when the two began dating, according to Allemand and Anderson met while Bachelor Pad 2 star was doing a photo shoot in The Bahamas in February and from there, the two were inseparable. Fate was on the couple’s side as Allemand was offered a job that enabled her to live in Florida and be flown into The Bahamas on the weekend for modeling engagements. “Not only was it love at first sight, but it seemed like a touch of destiny.  We now both live in Orlando and couldn’t be happier,” she said.  “I think I finally found the one!”

What are some ways to stay positive about finding love?

Cupid’s Advice:

Although sometimes it gets difficult, optimism for love is the always the best attitude. Cupid has some suggestions for when times get tough:

1. Looks can be uplifting: You don’t have to play dress up, but if you feel good, your confidence will increase and help you out when you’re looking for a new partner. Get a quickie makeover.

2. Catharsis: Although not always recommended, sometimes it’s just easier to let out all your emotions and work from the ground-up. Cry if you want to cry. Scream if you want to scream (but maybe into a pillow!). 

3. Attitude is everything: Although easier said than done, it’s important to stay positive and keep your doubts and negativity in check. Even if you don’t feel positive, fake it a for a while and maybe it’ll end up taking hold.

How do you keep a positive outlook on love?  Share your thoughts below.