Cupid's Pulse Article: Love Conquers Anger for Barry Williams & Elizabeth KennedyCupid's Pulse Article: Love Conquers Anger for Barry Williams & Elizabeth Kennedy

Former Brady Bunch star, Barry Williams (Greg Brady) has chosen to let go of past drama with Elizabeth Kennedy and give love another chance, RadarOnline reported Tuesday. Previous reports of a restraining order against Kennedy for her alleged knife-wielding, death threats, and illegal ATM withdrawals totaling $29K, don’t seem to hinder the actor’s resolve to reunite with his ex.

What can you do to repair a damaged relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

After a relationship has been through physical violence, emotional trauma, and overwhelming feelings of insecurity, it can be a rough road back to happiness.  If a couple truly wants to recover from a rocky past, there are several methods to get started.

1. Get counseling: Find the source of anger, whether it’s on your side, your partner’s side, or both.  Learn how to manage it.  Talk with a professional if you can’t resolve the problems on your own.

2. Regain trust: All successful partnerships have a common thread: belief in each other.  If you’ve lost it, you’ll need to build it up again.  Remember to keep trust as an ideal to continually strive for in your relationship.

3. Recommit to each other: You must be ready to work through your troubles together in order to recreate your happy place.  Find common ground for a new starting point, and see where it goes.