Cupid's Pulse Article: Nick Lachey Has 3-Day Vegas Bachelor PartyCupid's Pulse Article: Nick Lachey Has 3-Day Vegas Bachelor Party

Nick Lachey, 37, had the luxury of having a 3-day bachelor party in Las Vegas this past weekend.  And though “whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is the typical cliché that comes to mind, Vanessa Minnillo assured that this bachelor’s party was far from The Hangover’s tumultuous adventure.  Minnillo kept her presence known when Lachey received a black and red layered cake with a ball and a chain on top that was shackled to a mini Lachey’s leg.  It read, “Property of Vanessa.”

What are the perks of having a bachelor/bachelorette party in Las Vegas?

Cupid’s Advice:

Bachelor/bachelorette parties are your last chance at splurging on fun before you’re married.  Celebrate for the moment, as well as for the future!

1. Money money money moonaay: Las Vegas is all about the green stuff.  What’s better than doing some legal gambling and winning money right before you get married?

2. Live entertainment: Not only do you have the joy of being with your longtime friends, enjoying old memories and dreaming about a future-to-be, but you have the entertainment of some of Vegas’ most popular shows, like burlesque!

3. Food galore!: What has high quality food, at affordable prices? Vegas. Vegas has it all. Check out the multiple buffets in all the casinos on the strip.

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