Cupid's Pulse Article: Paris Hilton Says Love Made Her Gain and Lose WeightCupid's Pulse Article: Paris Hilton Says Love Made Her Gain and Lose Weight

After fluctuating between 105 and 125 pounds, Paris Hilton has settled for 115, taking her body off of a weight rollercoaster. Boyfriend Cy Waits encourages her to change her lifestyle and teaches her healthy habits. Hilton told People, “Now I only eat organic foods when we’re at home. He makes me watch documentaries on food, like Fast Food Nation, and he makes me aware of what things are good for your body because he’s very into that.”

What are some ways to be healthy as a couple?

Cupid’s Advice:

Who says bonding with your partner and taking care of your body can’t go together?  We can all learn something from Paris Hilton and Cy Waits. Cupid’s got some suggestions:

1. Educate yourselves: Education is always the first ingredient. There are plenty of movies and books that can teach you about what goes into the foods we eat, and you can devour the literature with your partner. You may also want to consult a dietician together.

2. Have a cooking date: Food is such an important part of your health. Instead of going out to a restaurant on Friday night, why not try making a romantic evening out of preparing a homemade meal with your partner? Incorporate fresh, organic ingredients and sprinkle some love into your diet.

3. Work-out together: Fitness is a must when it comes to your health. Exercising together can be very motivating, so make your partner your gym buddy and start rocking that treadmill. You can use tandem machines, jog outdoors side-by-side or give ballroom dancing a shot. The important thing is to have someone pushing you to try your hardest.

What are some things you can do with your partner to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Share your ideas below.