Cupid's Pulse Article: Brandi Glanville and Elin Nordegren Are Bouncing BackCupid's Pulse Article: Brandi Glanville and Elin Nordegren Are Bouncing Back

Brandi Glanville and Elin Nordegren are finally moving on from their bitter breakups.  Glanville, 38, divorced actor Eddie Cibrian after broke the news that he was having an affair with LeAnn Rimes. Elin Nordegren also knows a thing or two about infidelity. After finding out that her husband, pro golfer Tiger Woods, cheated on her with multiple women, the 31-year-old Swedish supermodel also filed for divorce. Glanville is trying to move on by making an appearance on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, while Nordegren has been playing the field, most recently dating a banker in Florida.

What are some ways to show you’ve moved on after a bitter divorce?

Cupid’s Advice:

After a breakup, everyone finds a different way to move forward.  Cupid has some ideas on how to show your ex you’re over it:

1. Dating: Seeing someone new is one of the surest ways to start moving on from a past relationship.  It’s also a good way to let your ex know that you’re officially over him or her.

2. Revenge: Getting revenge on an ex-partner who broke your heart can give you a lot of satisfaction and the feeling that you’re even.  Just be careful that you don’t to go too far and end up regretting it.

3. Change: After a painful divorce, sometimes you just need a change.  By getting a makeover, moving to a new city or getting a new job, you’ll show your ex that you have a new life that doesn’t involve him or her.

After your last breakup, how did you show your ex you were over it? Share your comments below.