Cupid's Pulse Article: Emma Watson Cozies Up To British RockerCupid's Pulse Article: Emma Watson Cozies Up To British Rocker

Harry Potter star Emma Watson has confirmed she’s dating British indie-rocker George Craig, reported this week.  Watson told Just Jared that she met Craig while shooting the recent Burberry fashion campaign.  The actress also co-stars in Craig’s music video, “Say You Don’t Want It,” from his group One Night Only. Watch it above!

Can a relationship survive a rock star lifestyle?

Cupid’s Advice:

Though both Watson and Craig have hectic schedules, not all girls would be comfortable having a rock star for a boyfriend.  Like Watson, be supportive of your partner’s lifestyle, but set some boundaries to keep you both on the same page.

1. Love the music: When it comes to dating a rocker, anyone who doesn’t love music, need not apply.  If you want to be a part of your partner’s life, embrace the fact that music will be come a large part of your life in more ways than one.

2. Watch the fan club: From afar that is, but still keep an eye out.  Don’t completely distrust your partner, but even when someone has the best intentions, an obsessed fan might have other ideas.

3. Tit for tat: You’ll eventually become very involved in your partner’s biggest passion, and he or she should do the same for you.  Find something you love and share that with them.  With both of you sharing your enthusiasms, you can become more fully engrossed in each other and your relationship.