Cupid's Pulse Article: Katie Price: She Keeps On Kissing FrogsCupid's Pulse Article: Katie Price: She Keeps On Kissing Frogs

By The Hopeful Romantic

Katie Price, previously known under the pseudonym Jordan, cuts a lonely figure even when she’s not alone.

The British television personality, occasional singer and former model has been in love and then she’s been out of it … Then she’s been in love again and fallen out of it … again.  It’s kind of sad.

When Price got together with singer Peter Andre, I was quietly pleased for her.  It wasn’t because I’m the biggest Jordan fan on earth, but because I felt that she needed someone stabilising in her life.  She needed someone who genuinely cared about her.  Of course, a few years and a couple of years later, that marriage crashed and burned, and she was left single again.  She didn’t let it get her down, however, and struck up a relationship with professional fighter Alex Reid and tied the knot with him in 2010.  Not long after, that marriage dissolved as well.

There’s something that feeling so sadly familiar about that situation, isn’t there?  We’ve all got those friends or relatives who are pretty, intelligent and every other adjectives that you could throw at them that would describe ‘a good catch’; yet they go bouncing from one horrible relationship to another.  They’re so wedded to a particular ideal that they can’t even see when they have someone genuine standing right in front of them.   They can’t see the person who isn’t like all the others — someone who will remain faithful and just wants to unpick every little bit of hurt that has been ever caused to them.   The problem is, they never seem to see it until they’re left trying to make do with the next loser that they choose to let in.

And it’s just so incredibly sad.

I don’t know what the psychology behind that is, do you?  It must be really hard living out your life under the spotlight — having people like me and you watch celebrities’ every moves and commenting on how they might have done things better.  The reality is, people like Katie Price could do better.  Let’s face it: she needs to do better for not only herself, but also for the sake of her three children.

Everyone wants the fairy tale, the castle and the prince.  They want the oh-so-elusive dream.  But at some point we need to wake up and focus on what’s really important, which is quality love.  When we find it, we need to hold on tight.

Wishing you all the best of luck, Katie!

Keep Going!