Cupid's Pulse Article: Spruce Up Your Home With Wild New TrendsCupid's Pulse Article: Spruce Up Your Home With Wild New Trends

You might find yourself wanting to upgrade the style of your home, without knowing what direction to take. There can be many ways to redecorate, but it may not always feel easy to find a way to update your home that is truly chic, sophisticated, and personal. Even though it might not seem straightforward, there can be great ways to try out new home trends, bring the upscale fashion world into your living room, and take your home’s style up to the next level.

Try Bold Colors

If you like the look of fashion giants like Dolce and Gabbana then bold colors might be the right fit for your home. While many interior designers may want to steer you towards neutrals like beige and gray, the truly stylish will encourage you to opt for some bold pops of primary colors, like red, yellow, and blue.

These colors can add fresh life to stuffy or bland home decor and can bring a touch of excitement, as well. Not only are strong color palettes in style, but new ways of using these colors are, too. Intricate patterns and designs are an interesting throwback to old Italian folk designs that will look refreshing in comparison to many simple modern ones.

Look Into Intriguing Prints

Bold colors aren’t the only thing that can add interest and style to your home. There are many Italian-themed motifs that are making an appearance in the home goods world. From old-fashioned folk motifs to newer, more modern Mediterranean ones these kinds of prints can add color to your home in an eye-catching way. This can be true whether it is a new set of blue-printed dinner plates in your kitchen or a large, colorful sofa in your living space.

Animal prints are another way that you can bring the zest of wild new life into your living spaces, whether it is a piece of zebra-streaked dishware or a leopard print pillow. For a Dolce and Gabbana lover, these kinds of pieces can bring the fashion world into their home in a new and thrilling way. Animal prints in particular can be effective for giving your home some wild touches and bringing the outdoors in.

Go Natural

Another way that you can shake up the style of your home and take it to a new level is to go natural and bring new textures and fibers into your decor. From real wood cabinetry to hand-woven pieces, there are many ways to try out new and unique fabrics and materials that will give your home an earthy and exotic touch.

Also, pulling in artisanally crafted pieces, like hand-blown glass items in dark and bold colors, hand-painted ceramics, woven and knitted items can help you bring history and one-of-a-kind culture to life in your home. When you try out pieces made with old-world techniques your living spaces will be telling an age-old story all on their own.

A Last Thought

There can be many different reasons to want to update your home and breathe new life into your decor. However, you might not always know just how to go about it. There are always new trends popping up on the horizon, and it can be difficult to tell which ones will be sticking around, and which ones won’t. The upside is that while there are many options for changing up your living space if you are looking to update your home in a way that is bold, chic, and timeless, Italian and Mediterranean themes like those found in Dolce and Gabbana’s Casa line can be a great way to do it.