Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Cassie Randolph Helps Former ‘Bachelor’ Colton Underwood Amid Coronavirus BattleCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Cassie Randolph Helps Former ‘Bachelor’ Colton Underwood Amid Coronavirus Battle

By Hope Ankney

In the latest celebrity news, former Bachelor star Colton Underwood confirmed that he tested positive for Coronavirus. He went on to say that he was resting and taking it easy at girlfriend, Cassie Randolph’s, home alongside her family. According to, Randolph took to her own social media channels later that night to give updates on Underwood as well as sharing how she and her family are caring for each other amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, saying “We’re trying to one, stay positive, two, take a lot of vitamins, and get a lot of sleep.”

In celebrity news, Cassie is sticking by Colton’s side as he recovers from coronavirus. What are some ways to support your partner through a serious illness?

Cupid’s Advice:

In these strange times, it is important that we are giving our loved ones all the support we can. If your partner tests positive for COVID-19 or is dealing with another serious illness, it can be quite overwhelming. Don’t worry, though. Cupid has some relationship advice on how to properly care for them as they recover:

1. Try to get their mind off of it: One of the most important ways to support your partner during difficult health scares is to try and distract them from what they’re going through. Try putting on one of their favorite movies, going through old memorabilia, or baking a new recipe together if they can. These things allow them an escape from constant anxiety and worry they’ve been feeling.

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2. Research the illness: It’s best if you can brush up on your knowledge of the illness and ways to prevent it or help recover from it. By doing this, you’re able to be a rock for them during a very scary time. You’ll know the best ways to rest, what to look out for, and how to properly care for them. That, in itself, can relieve a lot of stress for your loved one.

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3. Be patient and understanding: You have to be able to sympathize with their situation. They aren’t feeling the greatest. Their anxiety is through the roof. They need rest. They won’t be easy to handle. Yet, it is in how you understand and go about your patience that will make all the difference. The more patient you can be with them, the less of a burden they will feel for dealing with their serious illness. All in all, it’ll help in creating a safe and nurturing environment for the two of you as they recover.

How have you supported your partner during serious health scares? Let us know down below!