Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Baby News: Amanda Bynes Is Pregnant with First ChildCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Baby News: Amanda Bynes Is Pregnant with First Child

By Ellie Rice

In the latest celebrity news, tabloid favorite Amanda Bynes is expecting! According to, the news comes as a shock as she is welcoming her first child with ex fiancé, Paul Michael. The pair have been on-and-off in recent days, noting Bynes’ complicated conservatorship as a driving force behind the breakups. We wish these two nothing but the best as they bring this child into the world!

In celebrity baby news, Amanda Bynes is pregnant after reuniting with your ex, Paul Michael. What are some ways to cope with an unexpected pregnancy?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Unplanned pregnancies can be complicated and extremely emotional.If you’re looking for ways to cope with your current situation, Cupid has some advice for you:

1. Tell someone: Don’t be alone in this. If you’re in a relationship, explain to your partner what’s going on and how you are feeling about it. Maybe hearing what they have to say will alter your perspective on the situation and outlook on this opportunity. If the two of you decide that a baby is the next step in your relationship, then educate yourselves on everything that entails. If you’re not ready to tell your partner or they are out of the picture, that is okay too! Speak with a friend or family member, as a sense of release and care for mental health.

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2. Build a support system: If you’ve decided that even though this pregnancy is unexpected, it is still something you want to move forward with, then you have an exciting few months ahead. Make sure you are surrounding yourself with friends and loved ones to support you through the next nine months. It is important for your physical and mental health to have people to turn to when you need it.

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3. Understand your options: If you are truly not ready for a baby, that is okay! Schedule an appointment with your doctor to learn about the next steps you can take in this process. Understanding that you are not alone and have choices to make is crucial. Research and educate yourself on dealing with unplanned pregnancy and speak with counselors and medical professionals to help your further acknowledge your options. Whether you decide to keep your baby, choose adoption or abortion, this decision is a personal one. Be sure you are reaching out to your support system and taking care of your own mental health along the way.

How would you handle an unexpected pregnancy? Start a conversation in the comments below!