Cupid's Pulse Article: New Celebrity Couple Zooey Deschanel & Jonathan Scott Make Relationship Red Carpet OfficialCupid's Pulse Article: New Celebrity Couple Zooey Deschanel & Jonathan Scott Make Relationship Red Carpet Official

By Ahjané Forbes

In celebrity news, this Property Brother might know how to fix Zooey Deschanel’s heart, as the two were spotted together on the red carpet. Jonathan Scott and the New Girl star first sparked the celebrity couple radar in September. Although this celebrity relationship might be at the beginning stages, the pair wore matching Halloween costumes to Scott’s older brother J.D.’s wedding. Deschanel is previously divorced from her celebrity ex-husband, Jacob Pechenik. The two co-parent their two children. In a statement to the exes said, “We remain committed to our business, our values and most of all our children.”

This new celebrity couple is stepping out into the spotlight. What are some ways to bring your relationship public?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Establishing your relationship in the public eye is a big step. This means that you are getting serious about your partner. However, sometimes you are unsure if you are ready to be that open with your partner. Cupid has some advice on how to know if your relationship is stable enough to face the public:

1. Take them out to a public setting: Bringing them to a party for a basketball game will determine if they’re ready for the public eye. Don’t pressure them to be lovey-dovey in public. See if this is something that happens naturally.

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2. Bring them around the family: The biggest critics have to be your family members. They tend to see the red flags before you do. Notice how your partner interacts with your family. If they are keeping to themselves and don’t hold a conversation with anyone, then maybe they aren’t ready for the next steps.

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3. Post a picture on social media: Professing your love on a social media outlet is an ongoing trend for many relationships. Putting their initials in your bio or “my love” as the caption on a picture can be telling ways to show that you are serious about your relationship.

What are some ways you made your relationship public? Let us know in the comments below!