Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: The Best App for Trans Women & MenCupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: The Best App for Trans Women & Men

Dating apps have come a long way. According to some, they have an even longer way to go. At any rate, there are now some decent apps for transgender dating. Trans women and men are welcome on platforms like OK Cupid, Match, and more, but the best app for them right now is Grindr. It was started 10 years ago and has become the biggest social networking app for trans, gay, bi, and queer people. According to the app’s website, it has millions of daily users from all over the world.

In this dating advice, find out more about Grindr.

Grindr is a modern dating app showcasing a vibrant LGBTQ lifestyle. Now, the app is extending into new platforms. It is, in fact, more than a dating app and features original content that touches on thorny social issues and blazing innovative paths throughout the dating community.

Grindr has managed to create a safe space for trans people to discover and navigate a vast dating pool. In the past, it had a reputation for flings, but all kinds of options are available now. There are a lot of gay men, trans women, and straight men interested in transgender dating on the app. There are quite a few FTM too. Recently, the app introduced options for members to identify themselves as “she/her,” “he/him,” or “they/their” as well as various gender identification options, including “queer”, “non-binary,” “non-conforming”, and “trans woman.” The app has banned nudity in public photos and gives the option to list what type of relationship you’re looking for.

Users can identify as bottoms, tops, or versatile. Safety and health are crucial to the founders of the app and users can disclose the date, on which they last got tested for STIs (if they wish). Members can send each other private messages and see images of matches based on distance. Grindr Xtra comes ad-free, with unlimited blocks and likes, the chance to view hundreds of possible matches, and additional filters.

More to It Than Meets the Eye

The site is very well designed and has sections on topics such as “What is gender identity?”, what it means to be transgender, cisgender, and non-binary, and the difference between being trans and being intersex. There is information about transphobia and what to do if you are trans and need help. There is a list of resources on the site put together by the National Center for Transgender Equality for people in the US.

Another option the app points to is the Trans Lifeline, an organization by and for transgender persons. There is a number to call in Canada and in the US. Trans Lifeline is staffed by kind, helpful volunteers who are always ready to respond to community members’ needs.


While Grindr is the best app for trans people in our humble opinion, there are others which deserve to be mentioned and have some potential for those interested in transgender dating. These include, Zoosk, and OkCupid.


This is a great app for hookups, very straightforward: you get “lucky” when you find a match. It’s welcoming, anonymous, and great for trans men and women. The app supports all types of sexual orientations, so you can find a match no matter what your preferences are and what your gender identity is. It helps people explore their sexuality in a safe space.


This app is 100% free to use and offers live video and vocal “speed sessions” via computer and webcam. It has many transgender users, whom you can meet very fast.
Zoosk is a “site with a heart” whose scope goes beyond helping people meet and have a good time. The platform is very active in volunteer work, with staff regularly helping out at animal shelters, local arts groups, and Glide Memorial. Zoosk is always searching for new ways to make a difference to community life.


OkCupid makes it easy to sign up – all you need to do is link your profile to your Instagram account. On the downside, the app requires a long profile. To see transgender men and women specifically, you can use a “filter” option. According to Quora users, though, you will only see those who self-identify as transgender.
If you meet a trans person on a dating app, don’t ask them what gender they are (they have indicated this upon signing up) and don’t ask them what genitals they have. This will put them off.