Cupid's Pulse Article: Fitness Tips: How to Workout After Having a BabyCupid's Pulse Article: Fitness Tips: How to Workout After Having a Baby

By Bonnie Griffin

Working out after childbirth might seem like a daunting task. Your body is out of whack after pregnancy due to hormones that can linger up to six to eight weeks postpartum. Exercising will only make you stronger and will help you recover faster after giving birth to your new little one. According to, Eva Longoria has been following a strict celebrity workout and a healthy eating plan since giving birth to her celebrity baby boy six months ago, and it shows! This celebrity mom looks amazing. You might be interested in these fitness tips for working out after having a baby if you want your pre-baby body back.

In these fitness tips, find out how working out will benefit you after having a baby!

Exercise after having a baby is recommended because you’ll heal faster and build your strength while toning your muscles. Not only will it physically help you heal, but you’ll be in a better mood and have more energy when exercising. Physical activity relieves stress and helps you to lose weight, which leads to you becoming a fitter and happier version of yourself. Cupid has some fitness advice to help you decide on a workout routine after having a baby:

1. Abdominal exercises: When you are a new mom, you’ll want to start out with low-risk exercises such as abdominal bracing. For this exercise, pull in your lower tummy towards your spine and brace for a few seconds. These can be done three to four times a day in reps of eight to twelve. Stop working out if you experience any pain. Physical activity is beneficial, but not if you push your body too hard too soon.

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2. Pelvic floor exercises: Another low-risk option for new moms are pelvic floor exercises. You can sit and lean slightly forward while keeping a straight back. Squeeze your pelvic muscles for a few seconds. Do these in reps of eight to twelve.

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3. Walking: Walking is another great way to exercise after having a baby. You can walk on a treadmill, or put your new son or daughter in the stroller. Take a nice walk around the neighborhood. Not only is it a good and safe exercise after childbirth, but it will get you out of the house for some sunshine. It’s also a fantastic mood booster!

4. Swimming: You’ll want to avoid high impact workouts. Swimming is an ideal way to exercise post-childbirth. You can exercise without any of the impacts you’ll experience with something like running. You’ll have fun in the water, too!

5. Rest after your workout: When you’re a new mom, rest seems like something impossible to come by with a newborn who isn’t on your schedule. It is important to take a few moments after a workout to rest because it can help replenish your strength and leave you feeling rested and restored.

Working out safely after having a baby can improve your health and mood. Let us know some of your workout routines after having a baby in the comments below.