Cupid's Pulse Article: Think Outside of the Chocolate Box: Your Guide to an Adventurous Valentine’s DayCupid's Pulse Article: Think Outside of the Chocolate Box: Your Guide to an Adventurous Valentine’s Day

By Rob Tischler, Co-Owner of Allstar Coaches

Valentine’s Day calls to mind pictures of ornate flower arrangements, expensive gifts, and costly dinners all in an attempt to show your loved one how much you care. What if this Valentine’s Day, instead of splurging on the latest tech gadgets, you planned a date that truly encompasses what the holiday is all about – romance AND quality time?

Think outside of the chocolate box this year, and give the gift of adventure by planning an unforgettable road trip.

First, rethink your view of a road trip, because I’m not talking about simply hopping in the car and booking a hotel. To make this experience truly unique, you’re going to want to book an RV – a hotel and car in one – or grab your tent for a camping expedition. Except for the cost of gas, both RVing and camping can be less expensive than typical weekend getaways, can allow for greater freedom by packing up and going whenever you’re ready, and they offer a front-row seat to Mother Nature’s beauty – allowing you and your loved one time to truly sit back, relax, and return home feeling refreshed.

If you’ve never thought of an RV or camping experience as romantic, think again! This type of road trip, regardless of which you choose, shifts the focus from material items to experiences, bringing couples together. Not only do you act as a team to navigate the roads, ideally you’re also unplugged from technology to allow for deeper connection. Plus, you’re untethered to outside demands like check-out times, reservations, and tour schedules – the world is your oyster. Besides, what could be more romantic than snuggling under a warm blanket while you gaze at the stars? If you’re ready to go off the grid for a romantic Valentine’s Day, here are some tips to planning an unforgettable adventure:

Set the Mood

To make your Valentine’s Day road trip adventure truly epic, set the stage and make sure everything about the trip says romance from the start:

– A romantic location can set the mood for the rest of your getaway. Start with booking a lake-front or beachside campground or RV park, and check to see if there’s an adult-only section on the premises.

– This trip isn’t only about romance, it’s about adventure. Whether it’s a visit to a national monument, going horseback riding, hiking a new area, or exploring that quaint seaside town near the campsite, build a lasting experience as a couple by doing or seeing something new.

– Just because you’re in an RV doesn’t mean that you can’t pamper yourselves. Some RV parks offer massage and spa packages, check in advance to see if this is available. Or, bring the spa to you by packing your RV with amenities like good linens, comfy robes, plush slippers, massage oils, and champagne.

– The opposite of romance is watching your partner stare at their phone while you watch the sunrise. Put the phone down – better yet, turn it off – and reconnect with each other and the scenery around you. Instagram will be there when you return to civilization.

Date Night Ideas

You’ve set the mood by following the tips above, now it’s time to plan some activities for your road trip. Try these intimate ideas:

– Make a 5-star dinner on the campfire. There’s no shortage of campfire recipes available on the internet. Plus, cooking creates an effortless teamwork experience as you work together to make sure the steak doesn’t burn.

– Sit back and enjoy the stars. Leaving city life behind has its perks. Grab a warm blanket and cuddle as you search for the Big Dipper or the star of Venus – the Goddess of Love.

– Watch the sunrise. There’s something so peaceful about enjoying a warm cup of coffee amidst the stillness that comes just as the sun rises. The only thing that could make it better is when you take in this occasion with your loved one.

– Bring the wine tasting to you. You don’t need to go on a winery tour to have a wine tasting event. Start with a theme, like Pinot Noir grapes, grab a few bottles on your way to the campsite, pick up some complimentary cheese and crackers, and voila! You’ve got yourself a wine tasting.

– Go on a scavenger hunt. Simply create a list of things you can find in your location and then get out there and find them! To make this event extra romantic, set a rule that you and your significant other must share a kiss each time an item is found.

– Get competitive with a game night. No matter how old you are, there’s something about busting out your favorite board game and earning bragging rights through a friendly competition with the one you love.

At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day allows an extra moment to show our partners just how much they enrich our lives. I say forget the chocolate and flowers – or bring them along – and gift an unforgettable adventure. Trust me, you’ll both be glad for the experience.

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