Cupid's Pulse Article: Fitness Trend: Establish a Workout of the DayCupid's Pulse Article: Fitness Trend: Establish a Workout of the Day

By Courtney Shapiro

If you are busy throughout the day, it can be difficult to establish a solid fitness regiment. A popular fitness trend right now is to set up a workout for each day. These workouts can be something different everyday; for example, Monday can be strength training, while Thursday can be more aerobic type exercises. Planning a workout every day will definitely help you get on the right fitness track.

In fitness trends, check out why you should establish a workout of the day.

1. A routine is a good way to achieve accountability: Plan a workout for each day and keep track of what you accomplish that day. The workouts you plan can change from day to day, but giving yourself a way to stay in shape everyday can help improve your accountability.

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2. Helps with organization: A lot of people use planners or calendars to keep track of the events going on in their daily lives. Use these tools to plan a workout as well. You can easily create a time where you will workout, and planning for the same time can make you more organized because working out will be something you expect in your routine.

3. You’ll feel good about yourself: If you’re able to get even a little exercise in throughout your day such as a short walk or weight training, you’ll probably start to feel pretty confident. Working out has many benefits including better sleep, stronger metabolism, and boosted self esteem.

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4. You can inspire others:.Once you start telling your friends or co-workers that you workout every day, they may be inspired to join you. You might even be able to start working out together and incorporating a partner workout into your routine.

5. Your health will improve: If you workout every day, your stamina and metabolism are sure to improve. You will also prevent yourself from certain diseases or medical problems that can arise if you are unhealthy.

What are some of the benefits of incorporating a daily workout into your routine? Let us know in the comments!