Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Divorce: Matt Lauer Moves Out of Family Home Amid DivorceCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Divorce: Matt Lauer Moves Out of Family Home Amid Divorce

By Rachel Sparks

Former Today anchor Matt Lauer was forced out of his family home in the Hamptons by current wife Annette Roque amid their ongoing divorce. An insider told that Roque threatened legal action due to Lauer’s hesitation, stating that Lauer was more concerned with how the press would view his new living arrangements after being fired for sexual harassment. Roque and insider said Lauer should care more for what is best for his family. This celebrity divorce, a result of the #MeToo movement, is worrisome for the affect it has on their three children.

Amid this celebrity divorce, Matt Lauer finally moved out of the family home after initially refusing. What are some ways to make your divorce more amicable?

Cupid’s Advice: 

A celebrity divorce is just as volatile as what we deal with when we endure divorces ourselves. There will always be collateral damage; children will have emotional backlashes, sometimes after everything has calmed down. Living situations change, oftentimes with financial hardship amongst the legalities of the split. While your divorce may not be the latest celebrity news, Cupid’s relationship advice will help you navigate those choppy divorce waters in order for a more amicable split:

1. Evaluate your goals: Within any action, there is a primary end result that we would like to see. In a divorce, it may be that you want to keep the house or the kids, that you want shared custody or holiday visitation rights. Recognizing what it is that you want most out of a divorce will help alleviate the minute details. There will be enough stress already, so choose what’s worth fighting for.

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2. Evaluate your priorities: Similar to knowing what you want, you need to evaluate what really matters. Like Matt Lauer, is public appeal worth costing your family more stress? In emotionally-intense situations, it’s easy to lose sight of your priorities. Remind yourself what matters, and fight for whatever that may be.

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3. Respect your family: Lauer and Roque were married for 19 years, and now their familiar family structure is crumbling. No matter the length of time you and your spouse spent together, at some point, it was built on mutual love and respect. It’s much harder to see this amidst a divorce, but realizing that you once loved your ex and still love the children you raised together means that you should be willing to make sacrifices for the greater good of everyone involved.

What advice do you have for splitting on good terms with your spouse? Share your own relationship advice below!