Cupid's Pulse Article: Popular Restaurants: Where to Find the Best Rolled Ice CreamCupid's Pulse Article: Popular Restaurants: Where to Find the Best Rolled Ice Cream

By Carly Horowitz

Have you heard of the new latest food trend? You have probably seen it on an Instagram post or a SnapChat story. It’s rolled ice cream! It is ice cream that is cooled to a temperature where it is able to be rolled into a satisfying swirl. Now you definitely want to try this out, or more importantly, buy some so that you can post a picture of it, right? Fortunately, Cupid has narrowed down the places to find the best rolled ice cream in America.

Hop on the coolest (get it) food trend and try out these hot spots that have rolled ice cream!

1.10Below Ice Cream: This amazing spot serves Thai-inspired ice cream rolls. They make the desert for you right in front of your eyes. 10Below Ice Cream has locations all over New York in Chinatown, Flushing, Lower East Side, and East Village. They have even spanned to a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania location and the store is opening up in Los Angeles, California soon!

2. Blossom Ice Cream: Located in Brooklyn, NY, this ice cream joint makes it their business to serve you rolled ice cream with great energy. With flavors like wild berry lavender, matcha melody, cookie butter, dream of Hawaii, and more, this is definitely not a place you want to pass up. They also offer soy-based cream for individuals with vegan diets or prefer non-diary ice cream!

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3. Ice Land: Ice Land has put together a menu of rolled ice cream creations with specific toppings that go with each of the flavors in order for you to get a delicious desert experience. For example, they have a product called the ‘key lime pie’ which contains a vanilla rolled ice cream base, graham cracker, fresh lime, pie mixer, and whipped cream! This place is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

4. Holy Roly Ice Cream: Make your way down to LA and stop by Holy Roly Ice cream for some organic, handmade desert. The best part is that with no preservatives or stabilizers added in, this can serve as a relatively healthy desert! They also recommend that you take videos of them making the rolled ice cream. Perfect Instagram story opportunity.

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5. I CE NY: Although it has NY in the name, this store spans widely throughout the U.S. with multiple locations in New York, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Texas! There are also locations coming soon to Massachusetts, Colorado, and Virginia. I CE NY has also put together wonderful ice cream combinations for you to choose from. Or, you can mix and match ice cream and toppings yourself. Don’t miss out on the ‘Strawberry Cheesecake’ that contains vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries, real cheesecake, and strawberry sauce. This popular experience is a perfect way to end off a date night in a sweet way.

Know of any more places that serve amazing rolled ice cream? Comment below!