Cupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Tips: Eating HealthyCupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Tips: Eating Healthy

By Carly Horowitz

It’s extremely important to showcase a healthy lifestyle as a parent. The eating habits that you start your children with set the pace for how your children will eat in the future and throughout the rest of their lives. It’s all about balance. Obviously your kids want some treats every so often, and that’s okay. As long as most of the foods you are feeding them are healthy, then that is perfect. We all know that sometimes this can be a challenge! Luckily, Cupid is here with some tips and tricks on how to get your kids to eat healthy!

Introduce your children to a healthy lifestyle with these parenting tips!

Here are some clever tips and tricks to help your kids be the healthiest they can be:

1. Go on an adventure: If your children are struggling to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, take them to a farm and have them experience picking the fruits and vegetables themselves! Kids love hands-on activities, and this is a great way for them to feel in charge of their own food consumption. Maybe if they pick the blueberries and tomatoes themselves, they will want to eat them!

2. Dip it in: Try adding enhancing ingredients to your children’s food to make the experience more delicious for them! Dip vegetables in ranch, hummus, or salsa. Sprinkle some sugar on fruits, or dip them in a yogurt-based sauce! Also, here’s another interesting tipe: brown sugar can go very well with carrots. Every child has different tastes, so figure out which works best for them personally. It may take some experimenting, but you will have your kids eating healthy in no time.

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3. Playful peer pressure: Invite over someone who your child looks up to for dinner –maybe their older cousin or friend. Make it clear that they are eating the healthy food on their plate and so little Johnny should too so that they can be like him! There are plenty of encouraging television shows and YouTube videos as well that promote healthy eating for children. You can even show them that celebrity kids like Bear Blu Jarecki and Rocco Ritchie eat very healthy as well!

4. Cook with them: This is another hands-on activity that can engage your child in eating healthy. When you are preparing dinner, invite the kids to help out so that they will feel like they’re contributing. They would be silly not to try eating the healthy meal they have just helped prepare!

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Bonus tip- Watch sugary drinks: Most kids love juice and those yummy, sugary, calorie-packed drinks. Try to limit your child’s juice intake to just one cup of juice per day. Prompt them to then drink water throughout the day! Staying hydrated is very important, especially for active kids.

What are some other tips and tricks to get your kids eating healthy? Comment below!