Cupid's Pulse Article: Movie Review: ‘Pitch Perfect 3’Cupid's Pulse Article: Movie Review: ‘Pitch Perfect 3’

By Rachel Sparks

The Bellas are back in this second follow up to Pitch Perfect! After winning the World Championships, the all-girl group have split, but they’re coming together for one last competition: the USO tour overseas. The catch is the groups they compete against have started using instruments. Follow the amazing vocals of Emily (Hailee Steinfeld), Beca (Anna Kendrick), Calamity (Ruby Rose), and Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson). Watch this story of friendship, frenemies, and competition

‘Last Call Pitches’ has relationship advice to get you through romantic partnerships and friendships!

Should you see it:

If you’ve loved the past two Pitch Perfect movies then this third one won’t disappoint. There’s going to be competition, arguments, friends overcoming obstacles together, global tours, and of course, a grand singing finale.

Who to take:

This isn’t a chick flick, so you can brings guys or gals. The sense of community and girl power is definitely something to bring a group of your girlfriends to, but if it’s time for a date night, your significant other will still have a great time.

Cupid’s Advice:

Relationships can be hard, but Pitch Perfect 3 portrays the struggle of every kind of relationship. Whether it’s romantic or friendly, the Bellas set the stage for some serious relationship advice. This is what we’ve learned from Last Call Pitches about the importance of all your gal pals:

1. When competition strikes: The Bellas are all about competition. The first movie showed them fighting amongst each other but the second movie showed them banding together for the ultimate stand-up performance. Competition can hurt a friendship, but it’s not insurmountable. Encourage each other’s strengths and find a way to combine your gifts and passions into something you can do together.

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2. Life has made you distant: The Bellas have split but they’re coming together for one last show-stopping performance. Life can tear friends apart. You take different jobs, move for work, marry before your friend, have a baby, make new friends. It can feel hard to maintain a friendship when life places obstacles and makes time a hot commodity. Talk to your friend about how you want to spend more time together, learn each other’s schedules and what times work best, and make it a priority.

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3. Always have their back: Just like in a romantic relationship, you need to show your loyalty and support to a friend. You may not always agree with them or may even doubt them, but supporting them despite the potential for failure will only make your relationship stronger.

Are you dying to watch the third movie in this vocally spectacular trilogy? How have the Bellas changed your view on friendship? Share your thoughts below!