Cupid's Pulse Article: Movie Review: ‘Wonder Wheel’Cupid's Pulse Article: Movie Review: ‘Wonder Wheel’

By Rachel Sparks

Wonder Wheel is a tale about lost dreams and new dreams, estranged family, and hard-working love all set up against a 1950’s Coney Island filled with gangsters. Kate Winslet plays Ginny, the former actress-turned-clam-waitress. Emotionally wild, Ginny’s rough-around-the-edges husband Humpty (played by Jim Belushi) has to deal with his wife’s emotional break-downs and the discovery of his estranged daughter, Carolina (played by Juno Temple) hiding from gangsters in his apartment. Throw into this cast Justin Timberlake as the lifeguard heartthrob who dreams of being a playwright, and you have a complex, winding story full of great actors. Kate Winslet, best known for her role in Titanic, recently starred in The Mountain Between Us. Jim Belushi, a well-seasoned actor with an extensive filmography, recently played in the TV series Twin Peaks. Juno Temple is known for her roles in Maleficent and The Dark Knight Rises. Musician turned actor, Justin Timberlake, is constantly working. He’s been on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, The Voice, and Girls recently.

Wonder Wheel is full of love advice and fighting for your dreams!

Should you see it:

If you’re looking for an emotionally filled drama about life and love, this is your movie. It’s slower moving but well scripted with even better acting.

Who to take:

This isn’t the movie to bring someone to if all they want to see is flashing bombs, fast cars, and intense fight scenes. The plot moves slowly, and there’s little physical action. It’s PG-13 rating is for brief sexuality and cursing, so if your friends are expecting intensity like Game of Thrones, this won’t be for them. Take your mom or some girlfriends for a girls’ night out!

Cupid’s Advice:

Wonder Wheel is a movie packed with distant relationships. It’s normal for people in long-term relationships to wander away, whether it be with family, like Humpty’s estranged daughter, a significant other, or friendship. How can you reconcile distance or time to heal a broken relationship? Here’s what Cupid learned about relationship advice from this movie:

1. Small touches: Humans are physical beings and we feel more connected with a person when we touch them. Consider handshakes. Do you judge a person based on how they shake your hand? This safe initial contact breaks the walls down that we often have around strangers. It’s just as beneficial for people reconnecting to use small touches to help break the ice. You don’t have to say something, just hug your best friend or hold your partner’s hand.

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2. Actively listen: Communication is one of the biggest fails in any relationship. It’s very easy to get lost in the stresses of your own day and unintentionally ignore the person you should be listening to. Making a conscious effort to actively listen to what someone is saying is one of the biggest ways to show you care about them, and they will notice.

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3. Positivity: It’s true no one likes to be around someone negative. While friends, family, and partners want to listen to your day, complaining incessantly is a turn off for anyone. Talk about your day, vent your frustrations, but don’t wear your frustrations like a coat. Positivity attracts people, so if you’re trying to reconcile a relationship, remaining positive will help move things forward.

How have you reconnected lost relationships? Share your advice below!