Cupid's Pulse Article: 7 Vacation Destinations to Start Your New Year Off RightCupid's Pulse Article: 7 Vacation Destinations to Start Your New Year Off Right

By Rachel Sparks

It’s a new year, and with that comes the promises and hopes of what 2018 will bring. Sure, your new year may have started with major sleep-deprivation and a hangover, but it’s never too late to dive into the excitement of a new beginning. The best cities around the world to celebrate the coming of the new year also have the longest celebration days afterwards. Whether it’s a romantic getaway or you’re traveling solo, where should you go to find that inspiration to kick start your goals and make you feel like a celebrity on vacation?

These seven must-visit locations range from the Far East to right here in the US, and they’re the best way to start your new year!

1. Edinburgh, Scotland: The Scotts get down for New Year’s. Called Hogmanay, Edinburgh starts their four day celebration on the last day of the year, ending with the “Loony Book,” a plunge into the freezing waters of River Forth clad in their finery. There’s dog sledding competitions, traditional food, DJ’s, and a torchlight procession with thousands. Christmas may be high a high priority for the rest of Europe, but the Scotts celebrate New Year’s like no one else. There’s no better people to start your year with.

2. Reykjavik, Iceland: Spending the turn of the year in arctic temperatures may not be at the top of your bucket list, but you should seriously reconsider. Imagine fireworks reflecting off of rolling, snow-covered hills with a backdrop of the shimmering Aurora Borealis. The people of Iceland love fireworks and have lax rules, bonfires are absolutely everywhere, and it’s Halloween all over again with their troll and elven costumes. If you’re worried what recovery next day in frigid temperatures is like, join the locals as they fend off hangovers with hotdogs and dips in their natural hot springs. Even if you miss the celebration day, recreate the traditions yourself!

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3. Vienna, Austria: Classy galas, classical concerts, and the infamous Vienna Philharmonic performing New Year’s Eve, there’s nowhere better to start your new year with elegant style. The birth country of Mozart, there is an abundance of art appreciation in all its forms. The city starts celebrating early at two pm in Silvesterpfad, their town central.  Mulled hot wine, toffee apples, and dinner cruises keep you warm and entertained. This city is a marvel to visit anytime of the year, but it’s a sure way to start your year in style.

4. St. Petersburg, Russia: Dive into darker and older traditions. Russia celebrates Catholic Christmas, which means it ends January seventh. If you’re visiting for New Year’s or even days after, you’re going to see a serene white landscape, domed cathedrals, and Father Frost, their version of Santa Claus. If you make it for their New Year’s celebration, their skies light up into a fantasy as thousands of paper lanterns are released.

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5. Hong Kong, China: In homage to the United States’s manner of celebrating New Year’s, Hong Kong has a ball drop and resplendent fireworks with a dramatic, dragon-flying-across-the-night conclusion. Hong Kong has an abundance of shopping in dramatic malls or street markets, go visit their temples, try their traditional tea, or check out the natural wonders, such as Dragon’s Back. Hong Kong is cultural and commercial, which means there’s something for every traveller there.

6. Cape Town, South Africa: Cape Town has one of the most unique landmarks in the world: Table Mountain. Approximately two miles across and surrounded by mountains, Table Mountain is a destination for sight seeing and partying alike. With dangerous wildlife, gorgeous scenery, and glamorous hotels, you can get in touch with your adventurous side or relax on a ferry ride. It’s the perfect place to challenge yourself to be a newer, better version of who you want to be.

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7. Boston, USA: If you’re wanting to keep it local to the US, head to the East coast for great food, lots of history, more museums than you could ever see, and enough coffee to fill your swimming pool. Home to Harvard and MIT, Boston is notorious for its education, and with over 200 universities, there’s never a shortage of intellectuals goofing off in the night life. Check out the Commons, the public park at the heart of the city, that turns into another park, and yet another. Even if you miss the New Year’s celebration, there’s no shortage of ways to entertain yourself and learn something new in Boston.

Bonus: Disney World: There’s no better way to reignite your youthful fire than a vacation spent in Disney. During New Year’s season, the parks stay open later, they have extra shows, and it’s less busy. Get in touch with your inner child to bring some spring back into your life!

Where do you dream of going to inspire the new you for the new year? Share your dreams below!