Cupid's Pulse Article: 5 Celebrity Chef Brunch Recipes to Try This WeekendCupid's Pulse Article: 5 Celebrity Chef Brunch Recipes to Try This Weekend

By Rachel Sparks

Brunch is the perfect way to recover from a late night or the best way to start a late morning. Often starring traditional breakfast proteins such as eggs, bacon, or ham, brunch is a more filling  option than breakfast and more savory than a light lunch. Try these recipes this weekend to help you, and anyone else, have a speedy recovery from weekend festivities or as the start (or end) of a weekend date idea.

Try these five celebrity chef recipes for your Sunday brunch this weekend!

1. Sarabeth Levine’s Goat Cheese & Arugula Frittata: There’s something about the word “frittata” that scares people, but you shouldn’t worry. Frittatas are one of the easiest, low maintenance egg-based meals you can make. Scramble the eggs in a bowl, pour into an already warm pan, toss in goat cheese crumbles, arugula, and seasoning, and bake on low for thirty minutes. It’s easy but delicious.

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2. Suzanne Goin’s Breakfast Sandwich: This open faced sandwich features brioche, prosciutto, gruyere, and a fried egg. All that means is fancy bread, pork, and cheese served with a fried egg on top. Sound fancy with this fast, high quality breakfast sandwich. Add arugula for a sprig of green and a slice of tomato for an extra juicy, savory bite.

3. Sam Crannell’s Poached Egg Over Roasted Asparagus and Ham: This brunch is worthy of a white tablecloth and a mimosa. Slow cook the ham to help it soak up all of its own fat for a tender texture and rich flavor. Blanch (a fancy term for partially cooking in a boiling pot of water) the asparagus and then sauté to help them remain crisp even as they brown. Top with a poached egg. Once you crack open that extra runny yolk, you’ll have a plate worth licking.

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4. Classic Israeli Shakshuka: This Israeli classic is as easy to make as the frittata. The traditional recipe is eggs poached in a tomato sauce, served family-style in the cast iron pan. Make it more brunch-like with shreds of ham, sliced arugula, and goat cheese crumbles. Any variation you make will be delicious!

5. Alton Brown’s Eggs Benedict: If you haven’t heard of Alton Brown the food genius, you’re missing out. Aside from his food science shows, Brown is known for his shows Cutthroat Kitchen and Iron ChefHis resume is intimidating, so we trust him with this classic. The trick for Eggs Benedict is perfecting the Hollandaise sauce, so be prepared to have a carton of eggs (or two) as you learn. But once it’s perfected, this is the celebrity status brunch everyone will love.

What are your all-star brunch dishes? Share your recipes below for more mouth-watering ideas to try!