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Longtime Celebrity Couple Zoey Deutch & Avan Jogia Break Up

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Cupid's Pulse Article: Longtime Celebrity Couple Zoey Deutch & Avan Jogia Break Up
Zoey Deutch. Photo: David Gabber / PRPhotos.com
Cupid's Pulse Article: Longtime Celebrity Couple Zoey Deutch & Avan Jogia Break UpCupid's Pulse Article: Longtime Celebrity Couple Zoey Deutch & Avan Jogia Break Up

By Cortney Moore

It appears that  another one of Hollywood’s young celebrity couples have parted ways. According to reports from EOnline.com, Zoey Deutch and  Avan Jogia have “amicably” broken up after being together for five years. Apparently this celebrity news has been kept quiet for some time since Deutch and Jogia  split about four months ago. Jogia, 24, said  in an interview with  Glamoholic,  “Maybe I’ve been lucky but I think that it’s mostly a choice. I think if you continuously choose to court the public’s attention to your relationship, you run the risk of asking them to pry more out of it, but it would also be a bit strange to totally ignore your significant other’s existence in public as well.” That would explain how this celebrity news was easily kept under wraps. Deutch, 22, has yet to comment on their break-up. Perhaps some insight of what caused the split can be seen in Deutch’s recent film appearances in Why Him? and Before I Fall.

This duo is no longer a celebrity couple. What are some major reasons to call off your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Break-ups can be rough, but sometimes they’re necessary. If you’ve noticed issues in your relationship, you might wonder if parting ways is the best option. Let Cupid help you figure out whether you should call off your relationship before it’s too late:

1. If there’s been harm: Whether it’s been physical, emotional  or verbal, if you’ve been hurt by your significant other, it’s a clear sign that the relationship needs to be ended. You don’t have to risk your health over someone who doesn’t care about your well being. Don’t be afraid to rally help if you need it, as your safety is top priority.

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2. Thinking of someone else: Don’t succumb to infidelity; if you’re thinking of dating someone else or other people, just end the relationship. There’s no use in prolonging something that is no longer working out. The sooner you part ways, the sooner you can find the person who is right for you, and  the same goes for the person you’re breaking up with.

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3. Always unhappy:  Nobody wants to be in a miserable relationship. If you’ve given it a real shot and things aren’t working out, and haven’t in a long time- then it might just be time to end it. Your partner is probably feeling the same way you are.  Life is too short to stay in an unhappy relationship.

How have you handled breakups in the past? What were your reasons for breaking up? Share your stories in the comments below.

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