Cupid's Pulse Article: Did Selena Gomez Get Punched By a Justin Bieber Fan?Cupid's Pulse Article: Did Selena Gomez Get Punched By a Justin Bieber Fan?

When Selena Gomez went public with Justin Bieber, she knew she’d have to deal with her boyfriend’s crazy fans. But this time, the “Beliebers” may have gone too far. People reports that after Gomez, 18, was photographed with what looked like a fat lip, rumors started that she was punched by a Bieber fan. Paparazzi snapped the photo when Bieber and Gomez were leaving his 17th birthday party at Maggiano’s restaurant in L.A. Gomez’s rep insists that there is “absolutely no truth” to the rumors.

How do you deal with your partner’s exes?

Cupid’s Advice:

When your partner is as popular a guy as Justin Bieber, he may have a couple of angry or jealous exes. Cupid has some tips on how to deal:

1. Ignore: If there is an ex who is trying to get back with your partner, ignore her and tell your beau to do the same. The ex is probably just trying to get attention and when they realize they can’t get it, they’ll stop.

2. Don’t get jealous: Keep jealousy out of the equation.  Remember that your partner chose you and broke up with his or her ex for a reason.

3. Tell them: When your mate’s ex just won’t leave you two alone, let the ex know that you’re uncomfortable with the way they’re acting and if they can’t tone it down, they should just stay away.