Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Comedian Matt Bellassai Talks About Living Single Life: “I’m Comfortable in My Own Skin!”Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Comedian Matt Bellassai Talks About Living Single Life: “I’m Comfortable in My Own Skin!”

By Kayla Garritano

This guy has come a long way from his first web series Whine About It for BuzzFeed. Comedian Matt Bellassai has progressed from journalism to comedy, and his hard work has paid off. Winning a People’s Choice Award in January 2016, Bellassai has plans to continue his career full of laughs. In this exclusive celebrity interview, he opens up to us about his upcoming show, To Be Honest, as well as his new campaign with snack company Soy Vay, all while living the life of a single celebrity in New York.

In our celebrity interview, Matt Bellassai talks about his career and sheds some light on the single life.

Bellassai’s new show, To Be Honest, takes place in his apartment. The show is similar to what he’s done in the past, where he gets drunk by himself, gives advice and “complains about stuff” to his viewers. “The idea is watch me have some drinks and get angry about something,” he shares. Always open to requests from his fans, Matt takes some time, about a day or so, to think about a topic before he rants about it. He tells Cupid that it depends on what he’s feeling usually the day of the show, or a couple of days prior. “Stay tuned,” Matt says, keeping us in suspense. However, it wasn’t until recently that he thought he could turn comedy into a career, about a year and a half ago in fact. “I always thought about being a writer,” he shares. “I went to journalism school; I wanted to move to New York and be a writer. But it wasn’t until recently where I thought , ‘Oh, I could actually do comedy, be funny for a living.'”

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Now that he’s in New York, Matt talks about his life, which is about more than just humor. He is currently single and even has a live show based off of that fact called Reasons Why I Will Be Single Forever, on his Drunk and Alone tour. “I’m very comfortable in my own skin, and there’s probably a handful of reasons why it’ll probably stay that way for a good amount of time,” he says on why he is single. But with a positive attitude, he offers relationship advice to those looking for a meaningful partnership. He says you have to get to know a person to figure them out and understand why they are who they are today.

Aside from his shows, Matt has done more with his comedy and has partnered up with Soy Vay, a Chinese-inspired snack line. They create marinades, as well as other culturally-inspired foods. Now, snacks! Soy Vay’s new line of rice clusters are hitting the market, and Matt is teaming up with the brand for new advertising! Their new campaign is called SnackHour. Matt says, “It’s like happy hour, except it’s in the middle of the day, and you get to eat snacks.” The idea is that when it is the middle of the day, and you just need a break from everything, you can relax, eat some snacks, and watch videos that Soy Vay and Matt put together, all while eating some of their snacks. The video shows Matt with “hanger” (a mix of “hungry” and “anger”) ranting about random things, much like on his own show. “The idea is that you satisfy that sort of urge with some fun, Soy Vay snacks.”

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What else is in store for Matt Bellassai? He is currently working on a book he wants to come out soon, and hopes to pursue a TV show as well as continuing with his live tours. “I’m just going to continue doing fun stuff, like I am doing now with Soy Vay.”

You can view these videos out on as well as order some of these snacks for yourself!

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