Cupid's Pulse Article: Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz Have Lunch Post-SplitCupid's Pulse Article: Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz Have Lunch Post-Split

Proving that their split is amicable, Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz met for lunch Monday and brought along their son, Bronx.  According to a source, being good parents is their main priority right now.  “They’re both focused on making this transition as easy as possible for him.”  The duo announced last week that they would be going their separate ways, reports People.  Pals say that the pair simply grew apart due to marrying too young and not having enough time to spend together.

How do you cut out time from a busy schedule to spend with your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

1. Cut out fluff: Chances are that you’re spending time doing things that aren’t important. Do you really need to soak that extra 15 minutes in the bath?  In order to have time with your partner, it might be time to cut out some unnecessary activities.

2. Plan a lunch date: If you both work, you also both probably have lunch breaks. Instead of spending more time with your co-workers than you already do, plan to meet up with your significant other. Even if it’s only 45 minutes of face time, it’s worth it.

3. Do things together: Say you’re both into staying fit and work out every day. Instead of doing it separately, make it a routine to exercise together. Gym time is better than no time at all.