Cupid's Pulse Article: Katy Perry Publicizes Wedding Video at Grammy’sCupid's Pulse Article: Katy Perry Publicizes Wedding Video at Grammy’s

After keeping her wedding details at top secret status leading up to the lavish ceremony in India, Katy Perry has shared some glimpses into her special day with the public. As she sang one of her popular songs, “Not Like the Movies” while sitting on a swing high above the Grammy’s audience, her wedding video played in the background, reports Images of the ring exchange and kiss between her and now-husband Russell Brand were projected on a curtain directly behind the singer. ¬†Talk about a grand gesture!

What are the best keepsakes from a wedding?

Cupid’s Advice:

Whether it’s you tying the knot or your best friend, you’ll always want to remember the special day. Cupid has some tips on things you can keep from the wedding to do just that:

1. Wedding video: Take a cue from Katy Perry and have your wedding recorded on video. If you ever want to relive the feeling you got on your big day, pop in the documentation and watch one of the happiest days of your life.

2. Photos: These are the next-best thing to a video. If you don’t have time to sit through a play-by-play of your wedding festivities, take out your photo albums and thumb through the captured moments.

3. Playlist: Sometimes the best way to remember a moment in time is by listening to the music associated with it. Make a playlist of all the songs that played at your wedding and crank it up when you want to remember your special day.